Apostore A1000
Dispensing Tech

Apostore A1000


Customised for your pharmacy

Stay efficient and competitive in the long term and invest in the ‘Unimog’ among automated picking systems. Tough, versatile, reliable – it has the equipment necessary to provide you with the most ideal assistance in your daily business. And all this at a competitive price. 

High storage capacity

  • By storing the items close together
  • Up to eight different items one after the other

High automation level

  • By special servo grippers

High dispensing speed

  • By direct access to all items
  • By collecting several items in one run

Quick and easy storage intake

  • Double storage intake as standard feature
  • With easiest detection of expiry dates
  • Storage intake on the side or in the front

High safety

  • The number of moving parts is kept to a minimum
  • Proven industrial components

Small space requirement

  • Apostore 1000 is available in two widths
  • It fits onto the surface area of your drawers, can be set up anywhere in your pharmacy and uses the space almost to the ceiling
  • The versatile Apostore conveyor system allows for easy connection to the POS cash registers
  • The panelling of the Apostore 1000 is a multifunctional system wall, on which shelves can be hung
  • Columns in the installation area can be integrated

The APOSTORE 1000 is designed for small to medium-sized pharmacies.

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