Unguator Machines

Revolutionizing the pharmaceutical compounding environment for customized formulations has been the main focus of the Unguator Technology. Its aim has been to facilitate the preparation of many pharmaceutical, cosmetic, veterinary, and various other formulations, in a fraction of time and cost associated with conventional methods.

The gako unguator line of advanced „sweep–wall“ mixing system has accelerated formula developments and increased general production efficiency in preparation of compounding prescriptions, such as ointments, creams, gels, pastes, suppositories, etc.

The gako unguator product assortment also consists of a unique set of “push-up” jars that work specifically with the gako unguator mixing equipment. While no single device can accommodate every formulation in any compounding institution, the use of the gako unguator system offers an entire range of new compounds with consistent quality by replacing many of the traditional tools.