Apostore A1002
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Apostore A1002


More dynamic into a successful future.

Do you have ambitious goals but by no means have reached your potential? With the necessary stocks logistics, you already pave the way for successful development. With the A 2000 your expanding pharmacy is well prepared for growing sales or new lines of business. When output grows, a second gripper arm provides greater performance and ensures optimum multitasking. Naturally, you only expand when your business needs to.

Perfect storage intake

  • Several patents protect the established process: simply placing the packages without the need for precise positioning, tapping once or twice on the touch screen for the expiry date – and on request we can also provide fast automatic scanning with a scanning performance of up to 520 packets per hour. In the A 2000, storage intake and dispensing are completely decoupled from each other and can therefore be done in parallel.

The double storage intake function saves time

  • The A 2000 can take two packets into storage simultaneously in one run.

High dispensing speed

  • The packets are stored on 40 cm deep shelves. Again, each packet is accessed directly and the Kombipick (retrieval of several packets in one run) speeds up the process.

Upgradeable at any time

  • If turnover increases and with it the need for more performance, a 2nd gripper arm can be fitted during the weekend. this provides additional output.

The A 2000 is designed for pharmacies that have ambitious goals. It is always upgradable to your individual situation – just as your business needs it. So you are optimally prepared for the future.

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