Apostore A3000
Dispensing Tech

Apostore A3000


Safer with the top class

A time-saving multi-talent: Equipped with two gripper arms for the dispensing of the drugs and a handling device for fully automatic storage intake. The gripper arms can both reach all stored packets and freely move past each other. Thus, they complement each other, regardless from where a packet is requested and to which outlet it will be delivered. The additional storage intake device operates independently of the dispensing and fills the system even when the dispensing is already in full operation. The special direct grippers handle a wide range of products – including cylindrical items, cellophane-packed items and bundled packs.


  • Maximum reliability since each gripper can take over the tasks of the other immediately
  • Independent systems for maximum flexibility and best performance
  • Multipick and Kombipick for dispensing several packets in one run
  • Immediate availability of deliveries
  • Easy expiry data management
  • Optimum use of space
  • Video monitoring of the equipment and the storage for safety and for remote video maintenance
  • Remote control device and continued operation in case the WMS fails
  • Dual industrial PC with uninterruptible power supply
  • System housing with possibility to install shelves on the outside
  • Temperature measurement and logging for drug storage facility


  • ApoClean self-cleaning program for the shelves
  • Security log for limited access
  • Fully automatic scanning
  • Fully automatic storage intake of the bulk delivries with up to 520 packets per hour
  • Label printer
  • 24 h counter

The Apostore 3000 makes no compromises and is designed for pharmacists who want to streamline their processes to a level not known before

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