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Apostore Cube


Modular, so that all options are kept for the future.

Do you have a medium-sized pharmacy or have branches and are giving effective warehouse management some thought? Do you want to stay flexible for future room planning? Then Apostore has developed the matching concept for you. The Cube+ is the first modular automated picking system for pharmacies. It does just what suits your particular needs. Begin with the start module and expand the capacity of your machine – depending on how your business is developing. The Cube+ grows with your business or can even be reduced in size again. Completely without the rebuilding hassle of a set up.

Free choice of location

  • Its great adaptability is a big plus in the choice of location. Its low weight makes making use of space in the basement or on the first floor of your old building completely unproblematic. The automated picking system can be optimally integrated in any room concept and installed without much effort.

Excellent price-performance ratio

  • Many elements of the modular equipment are industrially prefabricated, which provide you with attractive cost benefits. This makes the Cube+ a good and safe investment that pays off in the short term and in the long run may be the key to remaining efficient and competitive. You get the new model with its excellent performance, naturally in proven Apostore quality and at a budget price.

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