Unguator Disposable Mixing Blades
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Unguator Disposable Mixing Blades

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Unguator Mixing Blades

Both UNGUATOR® Standard Mixing Blade (SMB) and UNGUATOR® Disposable Blade (disp. blades) are designated as UNGUATOR® MBs.

The UNGUATOR® MBs are steadily guided up and down inside the UNGUATOR® Jar. Their special design results in tight contact between the Mixing Blade and the inside wall of the UNGUATOR® Jar which serves primarily for the comminution of the substances during the mixing process.

Additionally forced mixing in the whole mixing space is achieved through the shape and vibration of substances while preparing the ointment. The lubricating effect of the foundation ointment protects the UNGUATOR® Jars and the UNGUATOR® MB against abrasion. Discolorations of the Mixing Blade are mostly irreversible and therefore harmless.

Unguator Disposable Blade (disp. blades)

The UNGUATOR® disp. blade is compatible to use with all UNGUATOR® devices and are applicable for Unguator jar sizes 15ml-max. 200ml. The disp. blade detaches from the blade shaft after use. The quality of the finished product can be checked by opening the lid. After the mixing process is completed, the disposable blade is located under the main lid and may be removed in full or remain inside the jar.

Several disposable mixing blades are packed each size in a conventional Unguator jars (with green lid) so that when opened, the operator can attach the blade to the mixing shaft by simply inserting the bottom end of the blade shaft tip into the centre of the blade and turning one quarter turn counter clockwise (locking the blade in place).

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